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Below are some of the most frequently-asked questions about the Cremation Society of Missouri’s cremation process:

The total cremation time is dependent upon the weight of the body being cremated. Cremation of an average size adult can take from two to three hours … given a normal operating temperature of 1,500 – 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The state of Missouri does not require embalming; however, the coroner may require embalming in special circumstances. Families may want to consider embalming if the deceased is to be prepared for viewing.

If the deceased had a pacemaker or any other battery-operated medical device, these devices must be removed before the cremation because they could explode during the cremation. Our cremation professionals follow safety measures to assure that such devices are removed prior to cremation, but if you know of a device in the deceased, you should tell us immediately and we’ll make sure that all of the appropriate arrangements are made before the cremation begins.

Many people wish to witness the cremation for personal closure or religious reasons. If desired, we can arrange for family members to witness the start of the cremation process. Please call us for more information.

Some people still believe that if you choose the cremation process you cannot have a funeral. However, the opposite is true. Many grief counseling experts recommend that a memorial gathering, a funeral service or a service of remembrance be held, because it brings closure, offers an opportunity to say farewell, and helps to begin the healing process. We offer several plans that include viewings, food catering, ceremonies or gatherings of some type. Call us to find out more information.

A viewing plays an important part in the funeral observance because it helps people accept the fact that a death has occurred. It is one more way for family members to cope with their sense of loss, and to start recovering from it.

A cremation container is required to transport the deceased to the crematory. Please ask us to show you the casket and cremation container options for use in a funeral or memorial service.

Cremation offers many options, either above or in-ground burial, or preservation in a columbarium niche or mausoleum. Scattering in a place that has special meaning is also a popular choice. Missouri laws regarding scattering will be explained to you. We can help you arrange this, and in securing a permit if necessary. Please ask us to explain all available choices.

Making arrangements in advance is a caring and responsible decision. You may make all arrangements for services including financial decisions in advance, and you can even prepay for greater peace of mind. Call us for more details.

For answers to all other cremation questions, call us at 636-946-9896.

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